The Best Christmas Gift!

What a year 2017 was!

Starting with my fever, my body was showing the sign of cancer already in January, but I did not find out right away.

Since I had ovarian cancer in 1993 it was always in the back of my mind that it may come back.
But I was taking care of myself to the best of my ability through macrobiotics, which I have been practicing since I got ovarian cancer.
After 24 years of good health I believe that I would not have cancer anymore so I was very shocked,  sad and felt very strained feelings when I was diagnosed with Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma (DLBCL) Primary non-Hodgkin of Liver Stage Ⅳ (I got this cancer because of Hepatitis C from the blood transfusion I received after my car accident in 2001) in early spring.

I thought I was able to recover again with macrobiotics and holistic way, but I did not feel I had a good connection and support with my first oncologist. Cancer grew very quickly and I felt that I was dying.
I felt that I had to found a new oncologist and two of my friends helped me to find Dr. Mead very quickly.
When I went to see Dr. Mead for the first time on May 17th, she told me that 90% of my liver was taking over by cancer. She told me that I had only weeks to live.
There was no choice except taking chemotherapy in order for me to save my life so I did 6 rounds of chemotherapy as I was told.
It was not what I imagine to heal myself and it was one of hardest challenges I had to take in my life.
I kept my macrobiotics practice and I did my best during the treatments.

Writing helps my mind to be clear and also heals my soul so I have been writing my blogs about how I faced chemotherapy with side effects and to live. If you missed them, please find time to read.


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After sixth rounds of chemotherapy I was hoping to receive good news before Thanksgiving, but the PET Scan shows in an activity of Lymphoma in my liver, so I had to do another biopsy in mid-December.

Most biopsies are not so painful, but a liver biopsy can cause pain and breathing difficulties after the procedure.
When I did biopsy early this year I had so much pain and was not able to breathe normally. I also could hardly move, so I stayed in bed for a week, and the pain lasted over three weeks.

I felt so much tension before the biopsy this time and the stress caused pain on my liver on the front side and even back side. I was scared that the lymphoma was acting up, and I would have to endure another grueling round of chemotherapy (RICE).

Thankfully, the biopsy results were good, this was the best Christmas gift and to start New Year.

I need to monitor continuously and have to take PET Scan on February 1, 2018. But this was the best news this year!

I credit all of you for your continued support and well wishes.
Thank you so much!


Here are some photos that I took over the holidays.

650 Eric with kids Christmas 2017

Eric Santa Claus with his assistants: Mai Mai Lani (new kitty), Nalu and Happy.


650 HHP 2017 Christmas

Getting Christmas gifts: left to right – Happy, Oro, Leo, Nalu, Bubu and Lumi.


Tin Tin coughing

Tin Tin caught cold and coughing


Have a happy healthy New Year!


Love, Sanae 💖

P.S. After I heard good news Eric took me to see the sunset at the beach and we saw SpaceX Falcin9 as below with beautiful moon. I felt seeing it was a good sign for my recovery.

SpaceX Falcin9

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