Love, Sanae

650 Love, Sanae front cover

Love, Sanae front cover

More than just a cookbook, it’s a work of art, with exquisite detail in the food, photography, design, and distribution. It is filled with over 120 recipes to live for, plus more than 148 stunning, full-color photographs shot in the author’s garden by author and her husband, Eric Lechasseur (a gourmet vegan-macrobiotic private celebrity chef himself).

The book shares the recipes Sanae used to heal herself from cancer and near-fatal injuries from a car accident. Includes anecdotes of her experience through despair, strength, hope, and miraculous recovery.


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“I really enjoyed this book—much more than a cookbook, but a book for life. Sanae shares her healing journey, and healing nurturing ways of cooking for wellbeing and health. The recipes are stunning and elegant–yet, simple and doable to integrate into your life and shift your relationship with the food that you eat into one that is healing and deeply restorative. Love, Sanae is a delightful book that I highly recommend.”

– Abby Moore, LICSW

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Note from the author:

It took me five years to write and create Love, Sanae. I really wanted to share the healing vegan-macrobiotic recipes I used to heal my cancer, as well as my injuries from a near-fatal car crash. I believe that you will enjoy this book and feel the love I put into it.