Healthy Happy Pooch

Health Happy Pooch front cover

Healthy Happy Pooch front cover


This book tells the remarkable story of a woman and her dogs. It is immensely practical and includes recipes you can make for your pooches’ dinner tonight, as well as tips on everything from supplements to flea shampoo to what kind of food and household items to avoid. Healthy Happy Pooch is also a heart-expanding tale of dramatic healing, canine friendship, and a woman who has harnessed the power of nature.


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“I adore Healthy, Happy Pooch and it has completely transformed the way I feed my dogs. They now eat all home-cooked food, they love it—and are thriving. Sanae’s loving, and compassionate care of her dogs all shows in this book, that is so much more than just the healthy recipes, she considers the souls and holistic quality of life of dogs. One of my dogs has a chronic heart condition and the Vet noted during her last echocardiogram that her heart function had improved– after just 6 months on homemade happy healthy pooch food and consulting with Sanae. Being able to control exactly what is (and isn’t) in their food makes all the difference to their health. It makes sense that dogs would thrive on homemade food, rather than processed foods. I would recommend this book for any dog lover, who wants to provide the best, most nourishing, life-sustaining food for their beloved dogs. I’m so thankful to have found Sanae and her work.”

– Abby Moore, LICSW

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Note from the author:

For the last 30 years, I have cooked fresh, homemade food for my dogs every day. Ever since I healed myself from ovarian cancer and a near-fatal car crash, I have believed in a healthy diet and holistic lifestyle approach for myself, and I pondered the idea that what worked for me might just work for my pooches. By feeding them human-grade, plant-based (vegan) foods, I saw them recover from illness, become more vibrant, and live to ripe, old ages. I hope this book will help you find a way to prepare healthy, homemade food for your beloved dogs’ health and happiness.