Bach Flower Remedy for Dog & Cat

When I tell people that their dogs and cats have feelings and emotions, some people laugh.
They are not bad people, but they probably never think about their own feelings, either.
If you care about your feelings, then you must know and feel that your dogs and cats have feelings as much as we do; they may even be more sensitive than humans.

Some dogs/cats are very shy, and we think they are quiet and good, but they might be feeling anxious, but we don’t know.
Some dogs are very expressive (either happiness, fear, irritation, etc.) but unable to show us calmly, so to us, they are barkers.
Some dogs/cats also worry a lot about us which may create anxiety.
If you leave your dogs/cats home alone, they may feel very lonely or sad.
If you have a stressful day, your dogs and cats automatically pick up on your stress and feel it, too.
Dogs/cats adopted from animal shelters or rescue groups might have a hard time adjusting to their new environments and/or show signs of prior trauma.

They sense they go to a vet for a check-up and get scared or/and stress out. They need to adjust when and after they have surgery (including spaying or neutering), and if they cannot transition smoothly, they suffer.

I highly recommend Bach Flower Remedy for dogs/cats—especially during traumatic times, such as when you first bring them into your home or if they are home alone all the time or have separation anxiety or need adjustment for transition or adapting to a new environment/guest and more.

Bach Flower Remedy for animals information 

Bach remedies and animals

(Citation from Healthy Happy Pooch)

That’s right: Dogs and cats have feelings, too.
They feel fear, anger, jealousy, depression, happiness and joy, just like we do.

The Bach Flower Remedies can help our dogs and cats when they have negative emotions, just as they help us when we are emotionally out of balance. Unfortunately, many people think we cannot ask our pets why they act depressed. However, we do know if they miss a friend or get overly excited around new people, and that is how we select the correct remedies for them.

I am available for Bach Flower consultation to support your dog and cat family emotional issues.
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The chart below will help you find the right one for your dogs and cats.

Bach Flower remedies for dogs & cats
Condition or Phase Remedy Dose*
All-around emergency and crisis Rescue Remedy 4 drops
Fear of loud noises–fireworks, thunder, etc. Rescue Remedy 4 drops
During teething, weaning or changing food Walnut 2 drops
Adjusting to a new home environment Walnut and/or honeysuckle 2 drops each remedy
Seeking attention Heather and/or chicory 2 drops each remedy
Jealous of other animals or a new baby in the home Holly 2 drops
Afraid of lightning, vet visits, other dogs, strangers Mimulus 2 drops
Traumatizing memories from the past Honeysuckle and/or Star of Bethlehem 2 drops each remedy
Unfriendly, standoffish; does not invite or welcome cuddles, petting or obvious affection Water violet 2 drops
Aggression due to fear Mimulus 2 drops
Bossy and/or dominant Vine 2 drops
Terror, panic-stricken; trembles, cowers or runs away Rock rose 2 drops
Barking for attention due to loneliness Heather 2 drops
Barking to become center of attention Chicory 2 drops
Barking to protect territory Vine 2 drops
Barking; yappy, high-strung, enthusiastic Vervain 2 drops
Barking for no apparent reason or at no one at all Aspen 2 drops
Motion Sickness Scleranthus and/or Aspen, and/or Mimulus 2 drops each remedy

*Apply dose 4 times per day or more

From Healthy Happy Pooch