Love, Eric and Sanae

Love, Eric and Sanae front cover

Love, Eric and Sanae front cover


Eric Lechasseur is a gourmet vegan-macrobiotic private celebrity chef whose first title, Love, Eric, was an international success and was voted among the top cookbooks by Variety magazine. Now, he has teamed up with his wife, Sanae Suzuki, to create Love, Eric and Sanae. In it, the two share what they have cooked in their home ever since Sanae began using these foods to heal her cancer, as well as injuries from a near-fatal car crash. Stunning, full-color photos accompany vegan, plant-based recipes to live for—all completely meat-, dairy- and refined sugar-free. Each dish is absolutely delicious, combining loads of creativity, flavor and love. Just one look, and your stomach will start to rumble! 106 pages.


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“I really enjoyed this beautiful, nurturing book of seasonal, macrobiotic, vegan dishes. You can’t go wrong with any of these recipes made of delicious, high quality, vegan, plant based ingredients, but my favorite is the stuffed shiitake mushrooms and I look forward to making the root vegetable pot pie, and tofu Florentine for friends and family. As with all of their work– Sanae and Eric infuse love and energy into this book, which radiates off the page. Highly recommend.”

– Abby Moore, LICSW

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Note from the author:

After I helped create the dessert cookbook Love, Eric, I wanted to share some recipes that we make at home. After my experience with healing, I realized that eating the same food over and over is not healthy. Even when you are not sick, food should be healing. Everyday food should have variety and vibrant energy to satisfy our palates.