Ukulele & Ocarina

My first ukulele with Jake Shimabukuro autograph

My first ukulele with Jake Shimabukuro autograph


Music was my passion for a long time, but it was not a practical one. I tried to practice playing piano and guitar when I was younger, but I did not continue.

I have been practicing ukulele since Eric and I met Jake Shimabukuro through a friend. To me, it sounds friendlier than guitar, and it is so much fun. Eric is much better than I am now, even though I started before him, so I get intimidated. But I do want to practice so that someday I can play with him.


My favorite "Dragon Teeth" Ocarina

My favorite “Dragon Teeth” Ocarina


The ocarina is another of my passions, since I found one in a gift shop in Nagano, Japan. I love the dove-like sound, which sways my heart. One day I want to be able to play and let everyone know how beautiful the sound of the ocarina is.