Therapeutic Massage (Shiatsu/Reflexology) and Moxibustion

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Therapeutic Massage (Shiatsu/Reflexology)and Moxibustion Session

Growing up in Japan, I watched my parents receive anma massage, a type of shiatsu.
The massage therapist, Mr. Yamashita came to the house almost every week.
I was so fascinated with how massage released pain and stress.
It was natural for my sister and me to apply massage techniques on each other for practice.

I forgot about it when I moved to America—until I started to practice yoga.
I received a massage from a yoga teacher who was also a massage therapist; it brought me back to my childhood.

One day, I was cooking for one of my clients, and he was not feeling well.
I gave him a massage, and he felt so much better his appetite returned.
He recommended that I go to massage school to get a massage certification, so I could provide cooking and massage for my clients.
I am glad I took the suggestion.

I also went to learn how to massage domestic animals.
I combine massage with shiatsu and reflexology, and I love receiving and giving massage to my friends, clients, and family, including our dogs and cats.

Another thing I want to share is my father taught me how to apply *Moxibustion (Moxibustion is a traditional Chinese medicine therapy which consists of burning dried mugwort on particular points on the body. It plays an important role in the traditional medical systems of China, Japan, Korea, Vietnam, and Mongolia *


Moxibustion improves blood circulation and boosts immunity by applying heat to the body. It has a strong image of warming the body but has various effects besides “warming.” 

Heat stimulation on the skin affects the muscles, blood vessels, and lymph nodes under the skin; they get stimulated and release adrenal cortical hormones to activate white blood cells and suppress inflammation and pain. It activates cells and has an immune effect.​

I love using Moxibustion for one of the holistic modality. My favorite one is using Moxa burner/box so you are not going to burn your skin and also using over a fresh Loquat leaf or/and Moxa made with dried mugwort with dried loquat leaves.

It helps stimulate the body to initiate that self-healing process, boosts the immune system, eases the pain and relaxing.

Even animal families love Moxibustion.


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