Chemotherapy & Wedding Anniversary

One month ago, June 20, was my 13th wedding anniversary with Eric.
It was going to be in the middle of my second round of chemotherapy, so I asked Eric to celebrate a few days earlier on the weekend. I also requested that Eric makes a strawberry shortcake for us.






We had lunch with Michiyo and Nancy, and also dinner with Amanda and Jessica, to celebrate over two different meals. I wore the dress that Eric chose, and I added a pink cardigan to match my handmade rhodonite (helps emotional balance) necklace and bracelet and my amethyst and aquamarine bracelet (healing lymph and overall).





I was a little concerned that I did not look good enough for the anniversary, with my shaved head and being sick.
I told myself that I am beautiful no matter what, and what is important is how much I love Eric and appreciate him.


I am not much of a makeup person, but I decided to add color to my lips with organic hemp, which I just got at a co-op in Santa Monica. The color was very natural, and at the same time, it made my complexion much brighter. I liked the result a lot. This helped me realize I am “beautiful,” even though I have cancer and am in chemotherapy treatments. My style is to wear something comfortable with natural materials, with pastel colors to bring out my soul and add color to express my identity.

650 hemp lip tint berry


I feel that in this way, I can cheer myself up and show how much love I feel to my beloved husband, Eric, and the whole world.


I am more appreciative of my life than ever.




Thank you,



Thank you for your prayers and continuous support!

We are grateful and invite you to help us at this time by YouCaring Fundraisng to Support Sanae’s Recovery from Cancer or purchasing our books directly from us to cover my medical expenses.

Here are our books:

Love, Sanae


Love, Eric and Sanae


Love, Eric Revised


Healthy Happy Pooch


My post mailing address for sending your card, gift or check (check payable to Eric Lechasseru):

2610A 23rd St.

Santa Monica, CA 90405

I will not be able to personally reply to each person, but I promise I will read everyone’s messages, emails, and cards.

Love, Sanae 💖

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  1. 1
    Julie Southwell

    You really do look so beautiful, Sanae, and the love that you and Eric share clearly shines through. Continuing to pray.


    • 2

      Julie, Thank you for your compliments and continuing prayer! I continue to focus on healing and making myself shine.

  2. 3

    Dear Sanae,
    You may remember me. We sat next to each other on the panel on the Holistic Cruise.
    You look beautiful in every picture because your smile and soul shine through.
    You are an inspiration and light to all those who are on a focused healing journey.
    Sending and surrounding you in healing love.

    Virginia Harper

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