650 Yoga Quote“Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self.”


Why do you do yoga?

For me, yoga has had various seasons throughout my life, each for different reasons.

First was the season of curiosity, which led me to take a yoga class in 1978. Yoga was different from anything I knew or had tried, and I enjoyed how I felt during and after I practiced it. The second was the emotional season, when I was going through a challenging time with my first husband and my father’s passing. Yoga supported me, lifting my soul so I could move forward from 1987–90. The third was a physical season, when I faced the challenge of ovarian cancer. I was weak and unable to do much yoga, but I found myself practicing at a macrobiotic conference in Boston with a new teacher and new guiding light. Yoga gave me a bright and fruity season to harvest my life from 1995–99.

The fourth came as a spiritual season after a sudden, near-fatal car accident, when my body and spirit were totally broken and lost. Yoga brought me back and taught me how to be myself no matter what my physical condition, during my year of being bedridden and three years in a wheelchair, from 2001–04. Then, I felt I did not want to be in my wheelchair anymore, and I started practicing walking. It took over 10 years, but I realized there was a new season of yoga coming to me at a Santa Monica yoga studio, where I learned to walk six blocks from my house in 2015. I feel I was finally connected to my mentality, emotionality, and physicality, so let’s call this the balanced season. I face my life with yoga power, even during challenging times, one breath at a time.


Why do I do yoga?

Yoga is life. Yoga helps me maintain a balance between my mental, emotional, physical and spiritual being.

Here is my blog “Yoga for My Life” for how I started to Yoga.

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I have a saying about Sanae, “Do not underestimate Sanae.” She is quite petite, but crazy strong. She is deeply passionate and serious about all her undertakings, but she almost always makes me laugh. I am her teacher, but I consistently learn from her.  Sanae has an ability to articulate both the physical and emotional world and make one feel that the healing that needs to be done is possible and that the route need not be painful. That her patience, wisdom and strength will lead you to heal in a beautiful and peaceful way.”

– Nancy Goodstein
Yoga teacher at Santa Monica Yoga for Yoga Teacher Training


Sanae has a presence and a focus that makes you feel as if you’re truly
“seen” by her. She’s attentive and intuitive and with her unique
physical experiences, can brings a special understanding of emotion and
feeling to her teaching. Learning from Sanae is a gift and you’re
fortunate to be her student!

– Jamie Elmer, E-RYT500