Holistic Macrobiotic Nutrition Food Counseling

Private Holistic Macrobiotic Nutrition Food Counseling

Private whole health macrobiotic nutrition counseling sessions are offered to discuss how to start or fine-tune the macrobiotic diet and lifestyle to be in harmony with your personal health. The sessions include a whole health macrobiotic assessment, discussion of the macrobiotic view of the cause of your present health problems, and personalized dietary, lifestyle, and home remedy recommendations.

Complimentary 15 Minute phone consultations are available by request through Email sanaehealing@gmail.com

Private whole health macrobiotic nutrition counseling is available by appointment only, through these two plans:

Plan 1: Single session $300 (additional 5% service fee if you pay by Paypal)
For people who want to self-study and self-practice from the recommendations from the counseling (75min.).
Two 15-minute Q & A sessions by telephone after counseling are included.

Plan 2: Four-week program (6 weeks)  $550 (additional 5% service fee if you pay by Paypal)
Three follow-ups telephone Q & A sessions are included.
To benefit fully from this plan, you must commit to the following schedule:
1) The first week: Correspondence by emails or/and phone. Upon receipt of a prepayment of $275 (there is 5% service fee if you pay by Paypal), a Macrobiotic Nutrition Counseling Questionnaire (about 11 pages) will be provided.
2) The second week: Upon receipt of the balance of $275 (there is 5% service fee if you pay by Paypal), counseling in person (90 minutes) or by telephone, Skype.  The Macrobiotic Nutrition Counseling Questionnaire (about 11pages)must be received before the counseling session. You will receive a Macrobiotic Food Selections and Recipe (about 50 recipes) booklet to start.
3) The third week: Receiving written counseling recommendations (about 16 pages). Upon request, a recommended daily meal plan may be provided for $30, or a weekly meal plan for $200.
4) The fourth week: The first follow-up telephone Q & A session to ask questions about the recommendations.
5) The fifth week: The second follow-up telephone Q & A session.
6) The sixth week: The third follow-up telephone Q & A session.


If you wish to continue with your counseling program, another 4-week program is offered: $400 telephone counseling (45 ~ 60 min. per week)  and  $500 one time in-person with three 45 ~ 60 min. telephone counseling (there is 5% service fee if you pay by Paypal) after the six-week program.

Private cooking classes are recommended for people who have special conditions.

The private cooking class fee is a minimum of $300 for three hours without ingredients and recipes.


Shiatsu/Reflexology, Moxabustion, and Reiki sessions are recommended with counseling or as follow-ups for people who have a serious condition and pain. $180 per session for 90~120 min. or $150 per session for 90~120 min. when you purchase a weekly session for six times.

Also, Bach Flower Remedy session is recommended with counseling or as follow-ups for people who have high-stress conditions (including work-related, relationship, PTSD and trauma, etc.) to ease mental and emotional issues. $130 per session with about 2 weeks personal Bach Flower Remedy supply.



Love, Sanae healing cookbook is available.

Make an appointment by email sanaehealing@gmail.com



I had the great good fortune to be introduced to Sanae via a friend who was teaching me macrobiotic cooking immediately after the shock cancer diagnosis I received last year, that had me, in the space of an afternoon, facing (stage4) lung cancer. Sanae became my macrobiotic counselor. The advice, guidance, and encouragement she gave me in those first few weeks ( and since!), discussing the food diaries I was to make and any reactions or concerns I had, were invaluable. Of central importance to me since then have been my regular visits for shiatsu massage and Reiki sessions, a really wonderful combination that I find deeply healing and calming. It’s an extraordinary 2 hours where we start by discussing any issues or queries, in an atmosphere with diffused essential oils (or Bach flower remedies) attuned to my condition, then, along with moxibustion, the deep relaxation of the two treatments… Sanae has wonderful intuitive hands…followed by a remedy tea together.

Her personal experience of cancer and the knowledge and wisdom she has acquired over the years, along with her great warmth and strong bright spirit, make Sanae an invaluable part of the healing path I’m on.
She is very special.

-Jude B., London, UK


“Sanae has been so generous with her knowledge of Macrobiotics and with her time. Her recommendations helped me get through the final stage of stopping the steroids. I needed someone that was gentle and nurturing and patient with me and Sanae was.”
– Becky Carr, Anchorage, Alaska


Over the year and a half that I have studied with Sanae, she always helps me find loving kindness, patience, and compassion for myself especially when I sometimes fall off track or struggle with the transitions into this new lifestyle. She understands the time elements of trying to prepare macrobiotic meals while working full time and having other responsibilities. We laugh at her quote, “macrobiotic is not difficult, just inconvenient.”
– AJ Trotter, Los Angeles, CA