Hand-Weaving Baskets & Ceramics

Hand-Weaving Baskets
I love nature, so one day when I was in North Fork, California, I decided to try weaving a basket. I found vines and long, skinny stems in the mountains and started to weave them. Something about that made me feel calm and grounded. I do not know much about it yet, but I want to share as I learn more.

650 Basket with buckeye

Simple basket I made.


650 Thanksgiving Basket

Thanksgiving basket that I made.


It is one of my dreams to make practical and beautiful ceramic pieces, such as plates or bowls for all my food that I cook. I feel that I do not have much talent for making my dream ceramics for now, but I have enjoyed touching clay and creating some small items. I hope to make more and share more in the future.



Some of ceramics that I made.