Self-Care for Grieving after My Beloved Dog, Happy’s Departure 

After five days of rain and wind storms last week, the sun was shining brightly, and the blue skies reflected it.
Usually, I would feel refreshed by the sunshine and blue skies, but my heart was still in darkness as the storm continued.

My beloved dog granddaughter, Happy, who was always by my side, suddenly became unwell and passed away to heaven on the last day of the rainstorm. Just writing this makes me feel a tightening pain in my chest.

My heart is aching, and I have empty, hollow feelings.

I am not ready to write about Happy much. 

All I can say now is…Happy was my big-hearted, kind, tolerant, and sweet dog granddaughter.
She was always by my side, like my shadow.
She followed me even if I just went to the next room to get something.
When he couldn’t see me, he wandered around looking for me.
I feel like a ghost now, without a shadow.

I only remember a little of what I did the day she departed seven days ago. 

*Seven days is call “Shonanoka” in a Buddhist service held on the seventh day after death. This is when the deceased crosses the River Styx (4000km – 2485.485 miles wide)  after she passes 3200km/1988.388mile long steep mountain.  Depending on her behavior during life, the stream of the river will change. So, the deceased’s family gather and honor her, sharing good memories and thoughts so that she will receive a gentle stream. I wrote about it on my blog


I started to look at Happy’s most recent photos and Videos. Unfortunately, I did not have many photos of Happy in the last six months. I only took one photo with her (that’s the cover photo).
I was taking more photos of Lumi (Happy’s mom) because she is older and has health issues, so I thought Lumi was going to heaven sooner than Happy.
I wanted to see Happy’s photos of when she was a puppy, but it was too painful so I could not do it.

Happy left, Lumi (Happy’s mom) and me New Year’s day 2024


Even though I had studied animal communication, animal behavior, nutrition, and animal spiritual energy for many years, I did not notice that Happy was not feeling well.

It was a shock. I should have known if she had the health condition.
Now that she’s gone, I feel overwhelmed with guilt.

I also felt so bad for Happy’s mother, Lumi, who could not look at and come close to Happy after Happy died.

Three other Happy’s family all looked sad but came close to her and Snif.

I wanted to set up an altar for Happy with the Buddhist traditional “Goku (Five basics),” offering incense, lanterns, flowers, food, and purified water. 

Happy’s color was orange, so Eric and I went to the local flower shop with Kai (Happy’s nephew), even though it was still raining a little bit, to get orange flowers. 

I set up the altar with a candle, incense, orin (Buddhist bell), water, her favorite blueberry cookies with flowers, etc. I lit the candle and incense, rang the bells, and prayed.

I don’t even remember now what I worshiped. I only remember that I just put my hands together (gasshou).

After that, I put on the music that Happy and I had been listening to, cried a lot, and meditated together for an hour.
I hugged Eric and the dog and cat family over and over again.


On the second day, the Sun came out powerfully, as if so much rain was a lie.

I was moving mechanically, not wanting to do anything.

But when I looked at all of Happy’s family, I took them out for a walk as usual without thinking. The first walking team is Happy’s mom, Lumi and Happy’s nephew, Kai. 

Happy used to walk with them, so my heart was not there with me, and the deep inside of me was numb, but I felt that Happy was walking with us.

When I returned home, there was a voice message from a *CSC (Cancer Support Community) blood cancer member that she wouldn’t be at the Zoom meeting, so if I was going to be there, she wanted me to let the group know.

*The CSC (Cancer Support Community) Blood Cancer group, which I joined about seven years ago when I got stage IV Lymphoma Cancer.

It has been helping me to hear what other people are going through physically and emotionally with their blood cancer and get more information about treatments, hospitals, oncologists, etc. 

I was trying to decide if I was up to be on Zoom/seeing other people.

I wanted to see how my long-time friend, John, was doing after his last chemotherapy. Ironically, John came to see me when I was taking chemotherapy for stage IV lymphoma, and three years later, he got lymphoma. I invited him to join the CSC’s Blood Cancer meeting, and he has been attending.


I knew the Zoom meeting had started, and time was passing. My heart said, I want to attend the Zoom meeting.

I clicked on Zoom connection. Previously, when I was late joining the meeting, I did not get a call to share till the end of the meeting, but the facilitator asked me how I was doing after the person speaking when I joined.

I was not expecting to share so soon; I did not know what to say.

My breath caught, and I checked. I had to think for a moment about what to say.

I said, “One of the members of CSC left a voice message to ask me to convey the message, and I also wanted to see how John is doing…” 

I started crying and said, “I am sorry, I am not myself today….”

I corrected what I said and continued, “Actually, I am myself.” 

I took a deep breath and said, “My dog daughter, Happy, passed away about 24 hours ago.”

My tears came down, and I could not stop crying. I felt my heart was aching.

The pain that feels like my chest is being torn apart.

I took another deep breath.

“I am grieving and feeling guilt for Happy that I may not have done the right things for her needs since I thought her mother, Lumi, was going to die before her, and I was focusing on Lumi more than Happy in the last six months.” 

“I am so sorry, Happy!”

I blew my nose, then said,  

“I am in so much pain, and tremendous sadness of tsunami is coming into my whole being.”

When I lost someone, including an animal family, during a previous grieving period time, I grieved so much. It must have lowered my immune system, and I got cancer twice.

One was after my father passed, I got ovarian cancer. The other one was 6 months after my beloved dog’s daughter, who was my service dog, Kula, passed, I got stage IV lymphoma.


So, I continue sharing on the Zoom CSC meeting.

“In the past, losing someone with whom I had strong connections and unfinished issues or regrets made my strength weak, and my immune system went lower.” 

“I am grieving, and I have a fear of losing my health once again, so I need to look back at what I can improve to cope with grieving and self-care.”


As I looked back, I realized my experience of grieving has different shapes and colors depending on who passed away. 

When my mother passed away, I was sad, and I grieved, of course, but I communicated with her to accept who she was and also let her know who I was to her before she passed away so I had peace later on.

Since living in America, I have sent a family of 16 animals to heaven.
Raising animals is not an easy task, and I was sad when they left.
But with the animal family that I was able to communicate with and connect with, grief was like a big wave in the ocean that I could surf, and I didn’t drown. I missed them and at the same time accepted their departure.


I looked back; how did I do when my father and Kula passed away? 

When my father passed away: 

I could not communicate with my father before he passed away.

I knew his health was not well, so I visited him one month before he passed away in Japan. I went to his favorite restaurant with my sister and we had a good time. 

I called him at the airport before departing to return to America, but he did not answer and never called me back. His secretary said he was on a business trip so that he would contact me later, but he never did.

When I received a phone call three weeks later that he was in critical condition and went to see him in Japan the next day, he was already unconscious and passed away eight hours later. 

I had to return to Japan to help my mother and deal with the situation at my father’s business company seven times in one year. 

The extreme stress did not give me a space for me to grieve.
I got so exhausted.
Then, the following year, my first husband filed for divorce, and one of my dogs, whom I rescued on the street, died. Then, I had to foreclose my condo when I lost money on the divorce.

I was grieving and so much stress, but not knowing I was. I started to lose my health and got ovarian cancer.


When my beloved dog’s daughter, who was my service dog, Kula, passed away, 

Eric (my current husband) and I tried to save our restaurant Seed Kitchen, but the landlord and realtor did not help us at all. We lost the lease, and the realtor sued us. We had to close the restaurant after Kula died.

Eric and I argued so much about the restaurant those days. I was focusing on accommodating the restaurant customers, employees, my students and clients.

I had no time for proper grieving till and for resting much. All I was doing was repairing our damage after closing the restaurant. Six months later, I got stage IV lymphoma.


The CSC facilitator asked me, “How do you not get sick/cancer from this grief?”

It is a good point for me to think and address the issues. Healthy grieving is facing the pain and dealing with it. It is work and no shortcut.

How do I do that?

I checked the blog I wrote about grieving in 2016 when Kula passed.

I was not aware of grief till much later since I was taking care of the restaurant we had at that time, and we lost it, so it was more than just losing Kula.

It took time to see that I was grieving over losing our restaurant, which had been one of our dreams.

Another was rebuilding my relationship with Eric after it got ripped off because of the stress of keeping and closing the restaurant.


We all have weak links in ourselves.

I realized my weakest link, which was when I lost someone, something that it meant to me and I could not accept, which led to grief, drained my immune system, and l lost my health. 

This time, I admit that I am going through grieving as soon as Happy departure.

I am releasing my grief by connecting with “*Pet Loss Support Group” and starting to work on my healing journals.

*Pet Loss Support Group


I face the weakest point and need to change it to my strength.

Cry when I need to.

Work on guilt, regret, blame, fear, anger, and connection to forgive, especially me. 

Softening the pain – talking to people who can support and respect my feelings and tell me the right words.

Writing is one of my tools to heal myself, so I want to write about how I give myself “Self-Care.” 

Continue daily walking with the dog family, art, and gardening, being nature as usual.

Herbal tea and Bach flower remedies for sadness/grieving, moxibustion, reiki, massage, and herbal aroma baths, etc.
I take care of myself with a lot of “self-care.”


I planted Grevillea Superb (it has orange color flowers since orange was Happy’s color) bush tree (Happy loved a bush plant) in the front side garden with Eric.


I haven’t been able to communicate much with Happy since she passed away, but I heard her voice while I was planting Grevillea Superb. 

“Mommy, what a beautiful flowers for me. I love the orange color!”

“I am happy that you decided that no surgery proceed and took me home from the cardiologist so I could go to heaven from the home where I was born.

Happy leaving the cardiologist’s office without surgery


I know you wished we had a little more time after we returned from the cardiologist, and me too. But my heart was not strong enough to live anymore.”

“I thank you so much for all you did; 

I was the happiest dog since you were my everything and are the one I lived for.

I learned to spread joy and love because you gave me joy and love every day. “

“You taught me how to help heal other people.”

“I hope you continue to take care of your health and live a much longer life so I may return to be with you.”

“Right now, I am also shocked that I had to leave. 

I know you are in shock and feeling guilty. 

But Mommy, you looked at my face when I left; I was not in pain, and I was a beautiful girl as you always told me.”

Happy’s face right after she depatured


“You and Daddy took care of me so well.”

“I thank you so much!”

“I will see you again, either there on the earth or in heaven for sure, until we see each other again next time.”  

“By the way, I am using my dog mom, Lumi’s body, to visit you, which you may have already noticed.”

“I heard you said, 「Lumi is getting up without our help and following everywhere I go, just like Happy.” (Lumi has arthritis and has not been able to get up on her own much) 

“Lumi is sleeping soundless without snoring like Happy” (Lumi snored so much all the time while she is sleeping)) and “Lumi is drooling just like Happy when she wants something to eat and waiting.” (Lumi never drooled)

That’s right, Mommy, I am there with you in my dog Mom Lumi’s body.

Now you know how much I want to be there with you!”

” Thank you for cookies, clean water (Happy liked only clean water), candles, incense, and beautiful flower bouquets!

I am so blessed and loved because I am your girl forever!”


I looked up at the sky and hugged her spirit!
And told her,
“Happy- Arigatou!
You did a great job giving me and everyone joy, love, and happiness
I am so happy you came into my life.
Thank you for always being by my side!
I’m looking forward to seeing you again.”

I am so grateful that Happy communicated with me.

When I am ready, I want to write a tribute to Happy’s life: her story with photos. Set up a memorial in Happy’s honor.

Today is Happy’s first 7th day (*Shonanoka), so I would like to hold a memorial service for her in my own way.


Shonanona is a Buddhist service held on the seventh day after death. This is when the deceased crosses the River Styx (4000km – 2485.485 miles wide)  after she passes 3200km/1988.388mile long steep mountain.  Depending on her behavior during life, the stream of the river will change. So, the deceased’s family gather and honor her, sharing good memories and thoughts so that she will receive a gentle stream.

I post it on my blog

My gratitude to Happy with all my heart!


Sanae ❤️

Raising Healthy Happy Puppies Part 3

Nalu and Kai’s puppies enjoyed their weaning food, and the weaning stage went very successfully. As they ate weaning food, I could see they grew much more and started to show their dognality (personality) a lot.

If you missed Raising Healthy Happy Puppies Part 1 and Part 2 here are the links:

Raising Healthy Happy Puppies Part 1

Raising Healthy Happy Puppies Part 2

They played with each other, also with Nalu mama and Kai papa and continue played with Eric (my husband) and me very often. They had fun with many different toys and cat’s tunnel.

They became more active, so Nalu mama’s job is mostly done feeding and cleaning. My turn to take care of puppies has come into the spotlight. I needed to spend more time cleaning them up, feeding homemade puppy food, play and take care of them carefully with love.
As much as I spent my time and committed to puppies, I felt that this was essential work and my favorite time.

I think Eric had so much fun in their whelping box and play-pen.

Photo: Eric and puppies playing in the whelping box.

Photo: Eric and puppies playing in the pen.

This is a sample schedule that I and Eric did for puppies every day.

I did not write here, but we sang, danced and slept together also.

6 am: When puppies got up, they did poo and pee right away, so I cleaned up them and whelping box. Hugged each puppy and told “good morning” and “I love you so much!” and played with them, and they also played with each other while I was preparing homemade food for them. Fed them and made sure they had enough food. If they were not eating enough, they were just licking and wandering around. If they ate enough, they did poo and pee again (of course, I had to clean up again), and they played and fell asleep again.

Meantime, of course, I had to take care of their parents, Nalu, Kai and two aunties and one uncle with their homemade food and took them out to the yard. Also, fed cats’ family and cleaned their litters.

This whole thing took about 2 hours.

8 am: Ate my breakfast and rest a little bit and take care of other things.

9 am: Set up the play-pen in the living room or if the weather was suitable then set up the play-pan outside.

10 am Puppies got up, cleaned up again, moved puppies to the play pan, gave snack and played again.

This time, when I cleaned their body (fur), I rub/massaged with an organic cloth (cotton or hemp), dip in a loquat leaves warm water. They loved this body(fur) rub a lot. Loquat leaves are very medicinal. Read my blog ” Loquat Leaves Body Acrub/Rub”

Loquat Leaves Body Scrub/Rub

Photo: Lani is receiving Loquat leaves rub and animal reiki.

I comb them also then massaged their paw as they need and they fell asleep. I took some of the dogs out for a walk.

12:30 am: When lunchtime came, they got up so I cleaned up again and fed lunch and cleaned up another time and played and slept. Then I ate my lunch. Take other dogs out for a walk.

3 pm: As they were getting up, I cleaned up again, gave snack and played also, and I gave Animal Reiki this time, and they went back to sleep right away.

5 pm: They got up, I cleaned up, fed dinner, and played again and they just stayed around me in the living room and played each other while I was preparing my dinner or watched Netflix or news or Japanese show.

7 pm: Ate my dinner and checked puppies how they were doing.

9 pm: They got up, I cleaned up and played and moved them to whelping box to sleep.

Additionally, they love to play and talk with us.

They also really enjoyed holistic modalities (animal massage, animal reiki, etc.) and gentle touch.

It is so privileged for me to be their human mom and to take care of them and choose what good for them.

I wish I could keep them all, but physically I can’t take care of all of them as they grow bigger, so one of the necessary commitments for me to do is finding a trusted people to be their guardians.

I have met wonderful people through this process, and also some of my friends, students, and clients became my dog family.

Once in a while, some people would say what I want to hear, and they did not keep their words to raise puppies holistically or mindfully or blame me when something happened. So finding suitable guardians are not easy and have created my heartache and sadness. But I believe they came into my life to teach something, and wherever they go, they would teach everyone there too.

No matter where these puppies have gone to live in a new home, I continue to communicate with them and send metta to them because they are my dog’s grandchildren.

The puppies are leaving home usually around 8 weeks old. I need to get ready for puppies to leave home completed the weaning stage, giving the first puppy vaccination a few days before they leave home, and deworm them the next day.

Conventional veterinarians would give the first puppy vaccination 6 weeks or sometimes even younger, but we wait till close to 8 weeks and also giving them only necessary vaccinations, which Distemper-parve only/puppy DPV and deworming separating date.

Unfortunately, most conventional veterinarians give maximum vaccinations of 5 combinations at once and give deworm on the same day which is very harsh for puppies. I thought that I had to give all these 5 combination vaccinations, but it is not true. I found out the truth after I met a holistic veterinarian and studied myself about vaccinations.

I appreciate holistic veterinarian doctor Sally Lane who wrote Healthy Happy Pooch book forward to have taught me so much about vaccinations and other holistic approaches.

Here are photos of puppies getting check up to be ready for their first vaccination by holistic veterinarian doctor Sally Lane before they left the home. The number of puppies are the order of birth.

Photo: puppy #1 blue – Cheddar

Photo: Puppy #2 orange – Umi Banana

Photo: Puppy #3 brown – Wylie

Photo: Puppy #4 pink – Lulu

Photo: Puppy #5 green – Vasco

Photo: Puppy #6 sky blue – Lani

Getting vaccination from a holistic veterinarian doctor is important so you are not giving them vaccination at too young age and only unnecessary vaccination it means give only necessary vaccination to puppies and not maximum vaccination and no mercury and unhealthy preservative vaccinations.  The better and safer vaccines have limited antigens.

Photo: Eric and Lani


Sanae ❤️

Adopting a Puppy Brought Cheerfulness to Cancer Household

Oh… it took a while for me to feel a little better after #4 round chemotherapy in beginning of August. #5 round chemotherapy after mid-August was very challenged also even I got one week off before I started because of pneumonia.

I think pneumonia is gone for now and I got another blood transfusion for my red blood cells a few days ago. I am ready for #6 round chemotherapy (the last one!!!!).

Before I go to the round 6 I want to share something that important for me to share here…

Since I got cancer of Large B-Cell Lymphoma (DLBCL) Primary non-Hodgkin of Liver, stage IV (because of Hepatitis C that I got from the blood transfusion result of the car accident in 2001) in the spring , not only my husband, Eric, but all of the animal family have been under so much stress with fear and worry.

650 Sanae in bed with cats & dogs

Photo: Before my first chemo I was so sick and weak so I was staying my bed all the time and most of my animal family was around me.


I have lived with multiple dogs (right now five) and two cats for many years. I was usually very active before I got lymphoma, so I did many things with them. I took the dogs for agility classes and K9 nose work, trained them to be therapy and service dogs, and went to a senior home and hospitals with them as a volunteer. I also went hiking and did yoga in the park, swimming, and stand-up paddle (SUP) boarding with them. I work at home most of the time, so I spent more time with them than anybody.


After I got lymphoma, and as chemotherapy treatments progressed, I got so weak and unable to do much around the house, and of course, I could not walk with the dogs anymore.

On June 17, one of my cats Mai Mai suddenly passed to save me (please read my blog, Cancer Is Shrinking).

650 Mai Mai by the window

Photo: Mai Mai loved stayed the window of the bedroom where I stayed all day.


All of us were sad, and the energy in our home was very heavy, but I was too weak to change. Everyone was tired, and nothing inspired us—except Eric was going SUP surfing every weekend to release his stress. The most sensitive of our dog family, Lumi and Leo, started having eye issues and weight problems. Lumi had too much eye liquid and was overweight, while Leo had dry eyes and lost weight.


I was checking about adopting a kitty online, but I somehow found a puppy who had Kula’s smile and eyes (Kula was my service dog and one of our dog family who passed last year on August 1). I told Eric about adopting the puppy. He said at first, “You are crazy—NO.” I explained to him how much we need cheerful, happy energy to lift up our souls. My animal family and I are not able to go SUP surfing like Eric. While I am always resting or suffering from pain in my bed to recover, all the dogs and Tin Tin (the other cat) are all so worried and depressed.


He finally said okay, and we adopted the puppy and named her “Nalu”.
(Nalu means “surf” in Hawaiian. Kula’s name was “gold” in Hawaiian, so we decided to pick from the same language to remembering Kula).
Nalu is very cute and happy all the time.
Every dog said to me in beginning, “Mommy, are you sure?”
But once they knew Nalu could play with them, they were so surprised and happy.
Nalu was not scared to play with mature dogs of Lumi, Oro and Happy right away and everyday.
She is also very nice to Bubu and Leo.
I am sure she would love to play with Tin Tin, too, but I am not sure about Tin Tin.

650 Nalu & everyone

Photo: Taking the first dog family photo, everyone was nervous.


Just watching her everyday makes me feel happy, and somehow I can believe I am able to overcome this challenge by spending time with her and all my animal family, while Eric is working very hard to make ends meet.


Many people might think I am crazy to adopt a puppy while I am receiving chemotherapy, and I already have five dogs and one cat, but I did it because my soul said so.

I have been following my heart, and I really believe Nalu came here to rescue and heal us. She lifts up all of our souls and brought cheerfulness to our house.


Here are some photos of Nalu with the other dogs and Tin Tin.

Nalu with Tin Tin Happy & Oro

Photo: Nalu with Oro, Happy and Tin Tin(cat)


Nalu & Lumi with bamboo

Photo: Nalu and Lumi are chewing bamboo


They are having fun! and sleep…


Photo: After good meals and play…must take a rest!


Photo: Nalu loves Tin Tin


Nalu with Tin Tin on bed

Photo: Nalu wants to be closer to Tin Tin…



I can’t wait till Nalu goes to SUP with Eric and Lumi soon.

Of course, I will join them when I get better as below photo.

My first paddle board with Lumi

photo: My first paddleboard with Lumi before I got Lymphoma

Here is a site that I found if you are concerned about having your animal family during chemotherapy.

Is It Safe to Keep My Pet While I’m Being Treated for Cancer?

Also, Dog Care When You’re Down has a good information.

Hope these help you.


I am off to my #6 round chemo now! Wish me luck!!!

Love, Sanae 💖


Thank you for your prayers and continuous support!

We are grateful and invite you to help us at this time by YouCaring Fundraising to Support Sanae’s Recovery from Cancer or purchasing our books directly from us to cover my medical expenses.

Here are our books:

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My post mailing address for sending your card, gift or check (check payable to Eric Lechasseru):

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I will not be able to personally reply to each person, but I promise I will read everyone’s messages, emails, and cards.

Love, Sanae 💖


The Cancer Is Shrinking!

The image PET Scan I have here is similar to what I had that my liver was taking over by cancer 90% in May. This image was taking from


I had the latest PET Scan after #2 round chemo (in June 2017) and met with my oncologist to get the results after #3 round chemo (in July 2017, she was on her vacation so I had to wait).

The tumor was taking over 90% of my liver in the beginning (May), but the oncologist said the cancer has shrunk more than 50% and brightness is much less (I did not know that aggressive cancer shows brightness on PET Scan). I do not have an image of cancer shrunk over 50%.

My oncologist was very pleased and agreed to remove the drug Vincristine (which has a side effect of damaging the nervous systems) from my next chemotherapy (round #4).

Eric and I are happy to hear the results, and I am relieved that my oncologist decided to take out Vincristine, since I have been having so much nerve pain in my fingers, hands, toes, legs, spine, and whole body.

I have been concerned and had nightmares that the cancer did not shrink and I did not recover. No matter how much I show my positive side to you, Eric, and the whole world, I am only human. Of course, I have a moment of fear every now and then.
But this is good news to me, and I am able to focus and move forward.


One of the important things I want to share here is why the cancer has been shrinking.


I knew it was shrinking because one of my beloved cats, Mai Mai, took it out and went to heaven.
She sacrificed her life to take cancer out of my body.


Have you ever heard that cats and dogs have an acute sense of smell and have the ability to sniff out a chemical change in the body caused by disease? They can sense a change in mood, behavior, and patterns that affect daily routine. They can also sense differences in behavior, both physically and psychologically, due to an illness.

They “transfer” the illness to their own body and sacrifice their own life in order to save their human guardians.


I heard this when I was a child, and there are quite a few people who post online in Japan about how your animal family will sacrifice their own lives in order to save their human guardians.


However, in America, I cannot find any stories online like Mai Mai’s—where pets “transfer” the illness to their own body and sacrifice their own life in order to save their human guardians.

650 Mai Mai by the window

Every night, Mai Mai had been sleeping by my liver, where the tumor was after I got cancer.
She comforted me so much every day being around with me either next to me or by the bedroom window.
Mai Mai was reborn from a previous cat, Mai, who lived with me for 19 years.
Mai helped me during ovarian cancer recovery 24 years ago, and she survived a car crash with me in 2001.
When she came back as Mai Mai, I could tell it was her right away. Mai Mai loves dogs, riding in cars, and being around me all the time, just like Mai.


One night, she ate dinner as usual and I gave her a little treat that she likes after we watched the movies after the dinner.
She did not eat the treat and stayed under a cabinet and she did not want to come out so I let her stay there.
After midnight, I went to check on her, she screamed, so I held her and gave her Rescue Remedy and applied Reiki.
She calmed down and slept for a while, but she screamed again, so I gave her Rescue Remedy and applied Reiki again.
I told her, “I will call Dr. May first thing in the morning, so hang in there.”


At 4:30 am, she screamed again, and I gave her a little water. While I was giving her Reiki, she gagged out blood and passed out quickly.
I did not know exactly what happened, but she was gone.
I was so shocked and did not know what to think.                                                                                                 It happened so suddenly.
I could not believe it.

I called her name loud and cried hard then I communicated with her right away.                                              Mai Mai said, “Mommy, not to worry—I could only help you this way this time. I took cancer out of your body and took it to heaven. Don’t be too sad, because I am going to come back when you get better, after the chemotherapy.”
I did not know how to answer, but I said, “Thank you, Mai Mai!”
She said, “Mommy, you are welcome. I love you so much, and I thank you so much for finding me again. I know you are going to find me again.”

I have talked to my animal commnicator, Lydia Hiby. She confirmed me that Mai Mai sacrificed her life for me and she will be back.

650 Holding Mai Mai at last


I held her for a long time and put her in her favorite place, by the bedroom window, where she stayed most of the day with a candle and incense.
Then I took her body to Los Angeles Pet Memorial Park & Crematorium. I gave her my gratitude and told her I am waiting for her to come back again.

650 Mai Mai by the window with candle


650 Saying good by to Mai Mai

It was so hard to say “Good Bye” to Mai Mai.


I told my oncologist that I knew cancer was shrinking, so she asked me how I knew, and I shared Mai Mai’s story. She said she’d never heard that animals sacrifice their own lives in order to save their human guardians, but she believes it.

The cancer is shrinking because macrobiotic approaches I am still practicing every day, all of your love and the chemotherapy are working.


And no matter what, I really believe Mai Mai’s work is most effective and moving my heart to live the rest of my life.


650 Mai Mai with flowers


It is important for me to share about my beloved Mai Mai here with all my heart and gratitude.

Mai Mai Ihai


Love, Sanae 💖


Thank you for your prayers and continuous support!

We are grateful and invite you to help us at this time by YouCaring Fundraisng to Support Sanae’s Recovery from Cancer or purchasing our books directly from us to cover my medical expenses.

Here are our books:

Love, Sanae


Love, Eric and Sanae


Love, Eric Revised


Healthy Happy Pooch


My post mailing address for sending your card, gift or check (check payable to Eric Lechasseru):

2610A 23rd St.

Santa Monica, CA 90405

I will not be able to personally reply to each person, but I promise I will read everyone’s messages, emails, and cards.

Love, Sanae 💖