The Cancer Is Shrinking!

The image PET Scan I have here is similar to what I had that my liver was taking over by cancer 90% in May. This image was taking from


I had the latest PET Scan after #2 round chemo (in June 2017) and met with my oncologist to get the results after #3 round chemo (in July 2017, she was on her vacation so I had to wait).

The tumor was taking over 90% of my liver in the beginning (May), but the oncologist said the cancer has shrunk more than 50% and brightness is much less (I did not know that aggressive cancer shows brightness on PET Scan). I do not have an image of cancer shrunk over 50%.

My oncologist was very pleased and agreed to remove the drug Vincristine (which has a side effect of damaging the nervous systems) from my next chemotherapy (round #4).

Eric and I are happy to hear the results, and I am relieved that my oncologist decided to take out Vincristine, since I have been having so much nerve pain in my fingers, hands, toes, legs, spine, and whole body.

I have been concerned and had nightmares that the cancer did not shrink and I did not recover. No matter how much I show my positive side to you, Eric, and the whole world, I am only human. Of course, I have a moment of fear every now and then.
But this is good news to me, and I am able to focus and move forward.


One of the important things I want to share here is why the cancer has been shrinking.


I knew it was shrinking because one of my beloved cats, Mai Mai, took it out and went to heaven.
She sacrificed her life to take cancer out of my body.


Have you ever heard that cats and dogs have an acute sense of smell and have the ability to sniff out a chemical change in the body caused by disease? They can sense a change in mood, behavior, and patterns that affect daily routine. They can also sense differences in behavior, both physically and psychologically, due to an illness.

They “transfer” the illness to their own body and sacrifice their own life in order to save their human guardians.


I heard this when I was a child, and there are quite a few people who post online in Japan about how your animal family will sacrifice their own lives in order to save their human guardians.


However, in America, I cannot find any stories online like Mai Mai’s—where pets “transfer” the illness to their own body and sacrifice their own life in order to save their human guardians.

650 Mai Mai by the window

Every night, Mai Mai had been sleeping by my liver, where the tumor was after I got cancer.
She comforted me so much every day being around with me either next to me or by the bedroom window.
Mai Mai was reborn from a previous cat, Mai, who lived with me for 19 years.
Mai helped me during ovarian cancer recovery 24 years ago, and she survived a car crash with me in 2001.
When she came back as Mai Mai, I could tell it was her right away. Mai Mai loves dogs, riding in cars, and being around me all the time, just like Mai.


One night, she ate dinner as usual and I gave her a little treat that she likes after we watched the movies after the dinner.
She did not eat the treat and stayed under a cabinet and she did not want to come out so I let her stay there.
After midnight, I went to check on her, she screamed, so I held her and gave her Rescue Remedy and applied Reiki.
She calmed down and slept for a while, but she screamed again, so I gave her Rescue Remedy and applied Reiki again.
I told her, “I will call Dr. May first thing in the morning, so hang in there.”


At 4:30 am, she screamed again, and I gave her a little water. While I was giving her Reiki, she gagged out blood and passed out quickly.
I did not know exactly what happened, but she was gone.
I was so shocked and did not know what to think.                                                                                                 It happened so suddenly.
I could not believe it.

I called her name loud and cried hard then I communicated with her right away.                                              Mai Mai said, “Mommy, not to worry—I could only help you this way this time. I took cancer out of your body and took it to heaven. Don’t be too sad, because I am going to come back when you get better, after the chemotherapy.”
I did not know how to answer, but I said, “Thank you, Mai Mai!”
She said, “Mommy, you are welcome. I love you so much, and I thank you so much for finding me again. I know you are going to find me again.”

I have talked to my animal commnicator, Lydia Hiby. She confirmed me that Mai Mai sacrificed her life for me and she will be back.

650 Holding Mai Mai at last


I held her for a long time and put her in her favorite place, by the bedroom window, where she stayed most of the day with a candle and incense.
Then I took her body to Los Angeles Pet Memorial Park & Crematorium. I gave her my gratitude and told her I am waiting for her to come back again.

650 Mai Mai by the window with candle


650 Saying good by to Mai Mai

It was so hard to say “Good Bye” to Mai Mai.


I told my oncologist that I knew cancer was shrinking, so she asked me how I knew, and I shared Mai Mai’s story. She said she’d never heard that animals sacrifice their own lives in order to save their human guardians, but she believes it.

The cancer is shrinking because macrobiotic approaches I am still practicing every day, all of your love and the chemotherapy are working.


And no matter what, I really believe Mai Mai’s work is most effective and moving my heart to live the rest of my life.


650 Mai Mai with flowers


It is important for me to share about my beloved Mai Mai here with all my heart and gratitude.

Mai Mai Ihai


Love, Sanae 💖


Thank you for your prayers and continuous support!

We are grateful and invite you to help us at this time by YouCaring Fundraisng to Support Sanae’s Recovery from Cancer or purchasing our books directly from us to cover my medical expenses.

Here are our books:

Love, Sanae


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My post mailing address for sending your card, gift or check (check payable to Eric Lechasseru):

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I will not be able to personally reply to each person, but I promise I will read everyone’s messages, emails, and cards.

Love, Sanae 💖

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  1. 1

    Although we have never met, Sanae, my heart has been very happy for you and Eric and your fur family. As you face this horrible challenge, I’m saddened that your Mai Mai is gone, but I am so very happy to hear that the cancer is shrinking. Continuing to pray .

  2. 2

    praying for your healing Sanae, you are such a special person. I wish I lived near you so perhaps I could help in some way. brit

  3. 3

    Thank you for your story about Mai Mai. She was a wonderful companion and you two are lucky to have each other.I’m glad she was able to help you and that you will be together again along the way. Thank you for sharing your beautiful way of life with us. It means a lot to me. Hoping that without the Vincristine you will be more comfortable. Lots of love to you, Eric and the dear animals you live with. What a family.
    Love, Karen M.

  4. 4

    Sanae and Eric,
    Thank you for your courage and bright hearts to share your stories with us. I am sending love and light and appreciate all you are which shines through in your words and photos!
    I do, I do believe your kitty transmuted the energy of the dis-ease. Not everyone can believe this, But it is revealed by your story. Blessings always and forever!

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