Shaving My Hair After Chemotherapy

My mother had beautiful, long hair when I was growing up. She told me, “Your father loves long hair,” and she smiled. Her beautiful hair stays in my memory, so I enjoy growing my hair long, too.
I also found out that by having long hair, I did not have to go get my hair cut too often. It was perfect for someone lazy like me to go get a haircut every two to three months.


650 My long hair

Before I cut my hair


When I had ovarian cancer 24 years ago, one of my good friends said, “It will be so sad to see you lose your beautiful, long hair from chemotherapy.” Fortunately, I did not have to take chemotherapy to treat the cancer, so I didn’t deal with losing hair that time.

Recently, I was diagnosed with cancer of Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma (DLBCL) Primary non-Hodgkin of Liver, Stage IV because of Hepatitis C that I got from the blood transfusion result of the car accident in 2001.

I did my best to heal with macrobiotic food and other natural remedies, but the cancer was growing too fast, so I had to make a decision to take chemotherapy. There are many side effects, and one of them was losing hair. I did not know what to think about losing my hair. It was a somewhat scary thought, since I’ve loved having my hair long most of my life. But when I saw my hair was falling out slowly everyday, I knew it was time for me to just shave.


I had an image of the famous Sinéad O’Connor’s shaved head and told myself it would maybe grow into a short Annie Lennox hairstyle after chemotherapy. They are beautiful women, so I did not feel so bad. I also researched famous women who shaved their heads, and surprisingly, there were so many of them. You can check also, if you are curious like me.


How did I do it? First, I cut my hair shorter to adjust my emotional shock. I let it stay that way for one week and got ready to shave.

650 In my garden

Cut my hair shorter first and enjoying gardening


Who shaved my hair?


He has been shaving his hair, so I asked him. First he said, “I don’t know how to shave nicely.” I said that shaving is one way: just shaven. There is one style I am looking for: “short.” So he said, “Okay, let’s see.”


It was a perfectly warm day to be out on the back deck. Sunlight was reflecting off my head, and I felt warm as he was shaving.


650 IMG_8120

Beautiful day to be out on the deck to shave my hair



650 IMG_8121

The first shaved!


650 Eric shaving my hairShaving my hair with fun!


Most people said I look like a Buddhist monk. I am not sure if I got enlightenment from shaving my head, but I am getting used to it. Now I scrub my head every morning and night when I do my body scrub, and I love it. I also massage my scalp, and it feels so good.



650 CR IMG_8160

Shave head is done!


My everyday goal is making this chemotherapy period be one of my best experiences.


Love, Sanae


Thank you for your prayers and continuous support!

We are grateful and invite you to help us at this time by YouCaring Fundraisng to Support Sanae’s Recovery from Cancer or purchasing our books directly from us to cover my medical expenses.


Here are our books:

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I will not be able to personally reply to each person, but I promise I will read everyone’s messages, emails, and cards.


Love, Sanae 💖

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  1. 1

    Dear Sanae,

    I think you look very cute that way too. You are a beautiful women so it brings out your nice feature.
    Thank you for sharing your story, feelings, emotions, fears etc…..It’s always good to read your words and to follow you through your journey. You are such an inspiration! Much love to you!


  2. 2

    you look absolutely beautiful with the shaved head! Amazing 🙂

  3. 3
    Marshall Ballou

    I remain in awe of your beauty, patience and courage. Thank you for teaching us. You are a great teacher!

  4. 4

    Dear Sanae,

    First, let me say, visually, your blog and photos look beautiful. I look forward with joy instead of sadness in reading your blog even though it is about a treatment that is normally feared. Only you can tell and share the story with stunning photography of shaving your head into a beautiful and special experience. You really are a sensei.

    Wishing you healing light.

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