Bach Flower for Holidays’ Stress

Ohhhh, the end of the season of holidays is here again.

I may look like a fun person who loves to socialize, but I actually am not so good with holidays and lots of people, so the end of the year can be very stressful for me.
I have been helping myself using Bach Flower Remedy since 1993 after I was diagnosed ovarian cancer. Bach Flower Remedy have been helping my stress, PTSD, addiction and other mental/emotional issues.

Depending on each person’s mental/mind and emotional conditions remedy changes, but generally, I recommend below three Bach Flower remedies for the holiday season . This remedy also helps furry animals (dogs, cats, other animals and plants).

Rescue Remedy – helps overall stress.

White Chestnut – helps deal with repeated, unwanted thoughts, mental arguments, concentration, sleeplessness, and insomnia.

Walnut – helps for protection from outside influences and energies.


The key is mixing all three remedies together in a Bach Flower Mixing bottle (2oz) with purified water.

Mixing directions:

Add 4 drops of Rescue Remedy, 2 drops each of White Chestnut and Walnut.

Bach Flower helped me so much for my recovery so I really wanted to learn more about Bach Flower and I decided to study in 1995 and became a Bach Flower Center’s registered practitioner in 2001. I have been offering Bach Flower Remedy consultation in a person or by phone/Skype/Facetime.
If you are interested, contact me at

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