Everything changes…

Eric and I have had many dreams since we met in 1991.
One of those dreams was to open our own vegan macrobiotic restaurant.
After I overcame ovarian cancer (1992~1995) and near fatal car crash (2001)
we started to save money and look for a location in 2005.

We found one where people come from all over the world: Venice Beach.


September 2008 before we remolded the location


It was not a perfect location, but we thought it was a good location near the beach and many nationality people could just come to eat when they visit the world famous “Venice Beach” at that time, and we started to work toward the opening in Aug. 2008.



Openings day November 4th, 2008 after remodeled


We opened Seed Kitchen on November 4th, 2008 with a hope and passion to be a successful restaurant making fresh and mostly organic house-made, delicious and healthy vegan macrobiotic food.


Seed Kitchen’s last day is September 27, 2016.

We are very sad, even though we know that “everything changes” in life.
We have tried our best to sustain the business, but over the last two and a half years, after the rent went up significantly, it was a very challenging time for us. We used all our savings to save the business, and we even borrowed money, but though we tried our best to keep a quality, honest business, we suffered financially. Our best may not be good enough, and after eight years, it is time for us to move on.


One of our chefs has worked for Seed Kitchen since its opening, so he was sad when we told him that we are closing. I was so sad and cried. We honor all the employees who worked hard for us, so we will make sure they all get their paychecks on the last day.


We were not a perfect restaurant, but we made fresh, mostly organic, vegan macrobiotic food every day for eight years in Los Angeles (one of the biggest cities in the world), so this itself is a success to us!

Thank you so much for last 8 years!


Eric will continue working as a private vegan macrobiotic chef for his private clients and special events, and I will continue to help people and animal family through whole-health macrobiotic counseling and teaching—including vegan macrobiotic cooking classes. I am also teaching Do-In yoga as a certified yoga teacher now and of course, Bach Flower registered practitioner, reiki practitioner, animal communicator, etc.




Everything changes…

The universal order.

We hope to meet/see you somewhere when our paths cross.


With gratitude…



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  1. 1

    お疲れ様でした Seedが閉まっちゃうのは、寂しいけれど、サナエちゃんとエリックの更なる新しい冒険を楽しみに、応援してるよ


  2. 2

    So sorry to see such a great project change but I am sure whatever you decide to pursue will be wonderful

  3. 3

    In the last few years I have rarely been to the restaurant as I don’t live in the area anymore. But when I did live in West L.A. and went to Venice Beach I would always stop by for lunch. I was so happy back when you first opened. A vegan restaurant at Venice Beach near the boardwalk. It was so very cool. I enjoyed your food for years and am so sorry you will no longer be there after the 27th. I truly wish you both the best and thank for your delicious vegan presence in Venice Beach. Peace and love to you both!!!

  4. 4

    You guys are a legend! What you have done is magnificent! It will live on and goes out into the vibrational universe and will reap a harvest even if unseen by you personally. Your efforts and love and spirit are an inspiration. The best to you both in your further adventures!

  5. 5

    Dear Sanae and Eric, I remember being at Seed in the first days after you opened (Maybe on the 4th!) You both worked so hard to make this dream come true. It was an exciting time. Your food is delicious and beautiful. Eric’s seitan is the best I’ve ever had!.. Running a restaurant is a tough business. Where I currently work we squeak by and it sometimes seems that checks are made of rubber. You guys worked hard, you employed people, and you offered up delicious nutritious food for 8 years. That in itself is quite an accomplishment! Undoubtedly you learned a lot. Like you said, Change is a constant.. I hope that your efforts didn’t take too much out of you; It must have been hard trying to hold everything together. I hope that in letting go you’re feeling relief and have found that you have more time and energy in your lives!.. It has been such a long time since we’ve been in touch. I think of you both and treasure the times that we shared. I hope that we will meet again and I wish you Bon voyage as you embark on this new chapter!!

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