Lumi, the Golden Retriever Reincarnation

As Lumi’s birthday of 13 years came. 

Golden retrievers have a life expectancy of 10-12 years. I see Lumi lives her life her best every day, so I decided to write a blog with my gratitude and love for her.

Lumi was born on Jan. 19th, 2010.  

Some people may not believe in reincarnation, but she came back to live with me four times in the last 55 years.

She had a short life previously, so I promised to help her to manifest her lifespan and fulfill her life this time.

I learned about animal reincarnation when I studied Animal Communication.

After I learned about animal reincarnation, grieving losing my animal family (either because of their age or sick or accident)got eased. I started communicating with them even after they passed and look forward to seeing them later, and many times I know when they are coming back.

Lumi was one of the dogs that clearly communicated when she was coming back.

I did not have the confidence to understand Animal Communication in the beginning, so I did not notice that she came back to live with me as a reincarnation first time as Lolo. 

Lolo died when I had a near-death car crash in 2001. 

She came back to me as Dore then, I knew it was Lolo immediately.

Curious Dore looking at something while her mother, Kin and her two sisters Kula and Oro were looking at the camera

Dore was a curious dog and wanted to be a mother, and she got pregnant with the next-door neighbor’s dog in North Fork. She was so happy when she got puppies.

Dore with Kona who became a service dog

We donated one of her puppies to a service dog foundation, graduated from service dog training, and helped Patrick (a 16 years old disabled boy)all his life. We kept Dore’s favorite puppy (we named her “Chibi-Gumu”). Dore was delighted being a mother, but when Chibi-Gumu got poisoned for some reason when she was only five months old. 

It was a very shocking and sad time, and even remembering it brings me so much sadness, so I am not going to write about it this time.

Dore, too, almost died from cleaning Chibi-Gumu’s vomit.

She survived but could not accept Chibi-Gumu’s death and endured so much grieving.

Dore started to escape from her secret place to look for her Chibi-Gumu.

She always came back home, but we checked our yard everywhere but could not find her secret escape location. 

One day, she escaped again. A pick-up truck driver hit her in the alley and ran away near our house. A neighbor saw it and phoned me, so I went to Dore immediately. 

She was waiting for me, but when I touched her, she stretched her legs to the light and said, “I am sorry, Mommy, I did not know the track was going to hit me. I want to come back!”

I told her, ” I understand. I love you so much. You can come anytime. I am here for you!”

I realized Lolo and Dore died after being hit by a car, and I remember my dog, Oliver, who was with me for a short time when I was in junior high school. My mother told me that Oliver died because he ran out of my parent’s house, and a car hit him. 

I was too shocked to hear this sad news when I came home from school. I think I kept the shock/trauma feeling deep, deep inside of me, but after Dore died and connected Lolo’s death brought Oliver’s death, I decided to talk to him.

Wow, unbelievable; Oliver was Lolo and Dore, and they all died cause of a car hit.

Dore said she wanted to come back to live with her family and me, so I decided to support her journey, coming back to us once again by talking to her.

Two years later, after Dore passed, she came back as Lumi.

Lumi was so much smaller than any of the other puppies and not breathing when she was born, but her mother Oro kept licking, licking. 

It was like Oro was on a mission to save the puppy (Lumi). 

I communicated to this little puppy(Lumi), “you gonna make it! Breath! You can do it!!!”

When Oro stopped licking, I helped with CPR, and the puppy (Lumi) started to breathe.

It was a miracle!

Lumi one day old

I knew the puppy was Dore at that moment. 


Her journey coming back was not easy, but Oro knew it was Dore, her big sister, who wanted to come back as Lumi. 

We named her “Lumi” as
We named her “Lumi” as luminaire – inspiration/light. She was feisty and not scared of expressing herself.

Smallest in the center is Lumi

Lumi lying down to her mother, Oro

Lumi (left) and her brother Bubu

While preparing the food, if anybody called or came and it got interrupted, she showed the intense paw steps and told me, “Mommy, focus on preparing the food. I am hangry!” 

Even now, if she needs to go out, she does paw steps constantly until we notice her request.

Lumi is curious like Dore, but her vision has more clarity than Dore’s this time. She is more careful and wants to have another puppy and live with her puppy for the rest of her life and fulfill her life.

Even though each dog reincarnated to return as the same spirit dog, they may look different and think differently, but their purpose is the same.

I promised to help her live her life and no more getting hit by a car! 

I also asked her to promise that she make efforts to live a long, healthy life without car accidents. She said, “You bet!” 

Lumi with her puppies

She communicates loudly with us (her daughter, step-sister, niece, nephew, Eric-my husband, and me). Sometimes she sounds upset, but she expresses as excited since she is living her life again as her purpose is to be with her daughter/family and us.

Lumi (left) hiking with her dog family & me

Since she stayed pretty small for Golden Retriever (about 30~35lbs, average Golden Retriever weight is 55~71lbs), many people have always come to greet her and ask if she was a puppy, even though she was over ten years old. She likes being different and having fun when people admire her.


She has been an excellent mother to her daughter, Happy. She is very patient with her and never barks her back. They are sleeping together even now.

Lumi and her daughter Happy sleeping together

Lumi (left) with her daughter Happy

Now Lumi is 13. 

She has right knee arthritis, so she limps. She takes homeopathic medicine and Bach Flower Remedy to cope.

She still wants to go hiking once every two months and she walks in the neighborhood at her pace every day wit me.

Lumi hiking

When people see Lumi’s limping, but she walks at her steady pace, they come to her to give their respects, and she likes that a lot so she give them her smile☺️.

She sleeps a lot and snores loudly but loves eating Healthy Happy Pooch homemade dog food and treats. She also enjoys animal reiki, massage, moxibustion, brushing, and a belly rub!

Lumi and her sister Portia had their birthday walk together to celebrate their 13th birthday in the park!

Portia, Happy and Lumi (left to right) with Jennifer Portia’s mom and me

Enjoy life with dogs!

Love, Sanae ❤️

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